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Custom Spanish Language Packages

Our facility in Escazu for group Spanish classes

Our facility in Escazu for group Spanish classes

Please contact us for your specific requests for customized packages.  We can create a group Spanish program just  for you.  With our Custom Group Spanish Program you should have a minimum of 5 at the same level and we will open a group just for you and your group.  With our custom Spanish groups you can start your Spanish classes Monday – Friday and we can customize your Spanish classes to your groups particular interest.  We can also help you should you wish to do volunteer work. 

  • Young people – We can create custom Spanish classes for high school students, college students, and college graduates alike.  We will customize our Spanish classes to meet the students needs.
  • Senior programs – We can offer Spanish Program packages for groups of senior students, whether retiring in Costa Rica or planning to study Spanish to enhance vacations and independent travel.
  • NGO Training – We design Spanish classes to your situational needs for volunteer work.
  • Professionals – Journalism, Doctors, Lawyers, International studies, etc.
  • Teacher Training – For prospective teachers of Spanish as a second language, we can offer a full range of methodologies and practical training.
  • Conversational – Training in Spanish specifically for those wishing to improve their conversational skills for dealing with everyday practical situations.

Contact us today for more information or questions about our customized Group Spanish Classes.