Central Valley Spanish School’s director has experience in teaching Spanish as a second language since 1993 and was the director of the Spanish Program at one of the first Spanish language schools in Costa Rica (ICAI) a large private Spanish School for over 10 years, during this time she also worked with several colleges and universities in the United States by assisting them with their study abroad program.  She would prepare programs for their students to come to Costa Rica and study Spanish abroad.  She has also taught groups that come to Costa Rica for Spanish classes in local universities in San José, Costa Rica.

We can help the students with tours and excursions.  We are familiar with various tour operators and very familiar with the different areas of Costa Rica.  We have various tour operators available to help the students and make recommendations for tours and excursions.  They are available to help the students with tours and excursions to enhance their visit to Costa Rica.  They can help the students in choosing tours to the different areas of Costa Rica that the students may want to visit on the weekends.