Volunteer Opportunity at CEPIA

CEPIA stands for Culture, Education and Psychology for Infants and Adolescents and is a Costa Rican non-profit organization that seeks to promote culture, health, sports and education for children and teenagers and their families from poor backgrounds in the communities of Guanacaste, Costa Rica.  CEPIA has many opportunities to volunteer please check their website for more information:  Volunteer Opportunities at CEPIA

Many children and teenagers in Guanacaste have no access to cultural and recreational activities; schools are poorly equipped and have little staff. Computer and English instruction are almost not available although the area is marked by an important economic development (tourism). Lots of children and women live in poverty, are victims of violence, live in difficult family situations. The main problems for youth in Guanacaste are: teenage pregnancy, domestic violence, drug abuse, unemployment, and the lack of counseling, prevention and health promotion.

 This year is one of the most important years in CEPIA’s history: the construction of the COMMUNITY CENTER Huacas, a 1000 m2 building benefiting yearly 2500 people through different programs and activities. Get to know the project and get involved!!!  We need money to build, your support makes the difference!